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Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

A massive box office hit back in 1969, BOB & CAROLE & TED & ALICE stands more as a cultural artifact of a fascinating time in America than a classic comedy/drama.

Elliott Gould and Dyan Cannon are both terrific as Ted and Alice Henderson. Successful, happy and enjoying their life, they spend many nights with best friends Bob and Carole Sanders.

When the Sanders attend an LA Group Therapy session (as SO many did in the late 60's) they become almost unrecognizable people to their friends.

Affairs are admitted to by the Sanders, even casually along with other secrets and they seem to be at peace with any decision made by the other.

Their friends try to ignore it, wrestle with its impact on their relationship and finally explode with some truth telling of their own.

Robert Culp and Natalie Wood are both good as the Sanders, but pale compared to Gould and Cannon.

Writer/Director Paul Mazursky (Blume in Love, Harry and Tonto) specializes in films that feel real, not manufactured for the screen. While the 60's attitudes and settings somewhat cripple the film for viewing today, the jealousy, anger and romance are eternal in any setting.

It's more drama than comedy, but loaded with great acting, including Gould's only Oscar nominated performance.

If you can ignore the Austin Powers worthy outfits that Culp sports as a documentary filmmaker and Natalie's acting that bears more than a small resemblance to her last name, its an interesting comedy from another time that's worth visiting.

Like more modern independent style films, it doesn't always provide answers, but it sparks interesting conversation. B&C&T&A gets a B-.

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