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Big Hero 6

I constantly underestimate Disney Animation. Why I do so after "Up" and "Wreck It Ralph" is beyond me, but I feel like an idiot for not seeing BIG HERO 6 in 3D on the big screen.

Disney is not just making these visual spectacles for kids anymore, and BIG HERO is one of their best.

In the future city of San Fransokyo, imagined as a spectacular blend of San Fran and Tokyo, brilliant young inventor Hiro is wasting his time until he visits his older brother Tadashi's university.

Once seeing the incredible inventions the students are working on, the boy genius joins the school and creates a powerful new invention that could change the world.

Meanwhile, Tadashi's invention is Baymax, a harmless, inflatable robot that serves as an in-home medical assistant that can scan you at an instant and fix your ailments.

When tragedy strikes the school, Hiro realizes that it might have been driven by greed and he links up with Baymax and his five best student friends to battle a worthy adversary bent on destroying the city.

The digital animation is spectacular. Every bit of the film's $165 million budget is right there on the screen.

When Hiro upgrades Baymax's programming for some very different capabilities and they take a flight over and through the city, its visually one of the best sequences in animation history.

These are talented folks and the ability to create photo realistic action and settings and then propel you through them makes for a great film.

Baymax is a terrific character and damned if that inflatable dude doesn't generate a lot of laughs and choke you up once or twice as well.

It's a great film for the entire family to enjoy together and a fantastic set up for future adventures.

The music score by Henry Jackman is terrific. If this is what comes out of Disney buying Marvel, then keep it coming.

Big Hero 6 is a visual feast from beginning to end, one of the best films of the year and gets an A. If you love Marvel films, this one is going to rock you.

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