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Best Friends

Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn run the gamut of emotions in the uneven but initially charming BEST FRIENDS.

Reynolds stars as Richard, a successful screenwriter who often writes alongside his live in girlfriend Paula, well played by Goldie Hawn.

When Richard decides that they should get married and Paula reluctantly agrees, the couple suddenly finds themselves at odds, with marriage being more challenging than friendship.

The film's first half is by far the best, especially when the newlyweds visit their parents. Richards parents (Keenan Wynn and Audra Lindley) are hilarious and easygoing, which Paula's folks (Barnard Hughes and Jessica Tandy) are classic eccentrics, with all the quirks great actors bring to the roles.

Reynolds and Hawn are at their best during these scenes, with easy chemistry and plenty of laughs.

As the film rolls on and their new marriage is tested, the film grows uncomfortable. Their interactions and dialogue feel very forced and the movie kind of peters out as it stumbles to the end.

There are some great songs over montages, including the eighties classic "How Do You Keep The Music Playing", used to nice effect here.

Richard Libertini is a comic standout as the worst marriage minister on the planet, but once they say "I do", you'll want to say "I dont".

Half of an 80's classic earns a C.

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