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Bachelor Party

In 1984, Tom Hanks hit the big screen for the first time with "Splash" and the raunchy comedy BACHELOR PARTY.

Hanks has the best moments in the film as less-than-ambitious Catholic school bus driver, Rick. He's engaged to Debbie, played (acted would be an over statement) by the gorgeous Tawny Kitaen.

Hanks has a blast torturing his future in-laws by being the anti-yuppie, launching tennis shots out of the court like home runs and always wearing the wrong clothes.

Rick's best friends are determined to throw him the ultimate Bachelor Party, which in their mind includes a multitude of hookers, a farm animal and some serious 80's debauchery.

Hanks made me smile in most of his scenes, but the only time I laughed out loud was when said farm animal ate an entire table full of drugs and goes on a wild rampage.

It's written and directed by the Israel Brothers, who were also behind "Police Academy". If you found that movie funny (I hated it) then you'll probably love this one too.

Kudos to Wendie Jo Sperber (1941) as the wife of Rick's brother (William Tepper), a horny dentist that sums up the early 80's with every mannerism.

Porsches are ruined, boxer-clad Chinese businessmen chase women around like a Benny Hill skit, suicide becomes a running joke and somehow, Hanks escapes slightly embarrassed but unscathed, rising above the material with his emerging comic chops.

BACHELOR PARTY gets a D. Without Hanks, it would have sunk even lower.

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