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Animal House

I had forgotten just how hilarious 1978's ANIMAL HOUSE is and it still holds up nearly 40 years later, with laugh out loud scenes from start to finish.

The Delta's are the worst fraternity in modern history, racking up grade point averages of "ZERO point ZERO" and having the time of their lives.

John Belushi, fresh from his debut on SNL, is Bluto, knocking off one classic comedy scene after another. Tim Matheson is Eric Stratton (damn glad to meet you!) and John Vernon is Dean Wormer, determined to shut down Delta House once and for all.

There are so many classic scenes, just as funny today as the day they were filmed. The horse in the Dean's office, Neidermeyer's "Is that a PLEDGE PIN, Mister!!",

the toga party, Flounder's joyride, the food fight and my personal favorite, Belushi's ladder maneuvers when peeking in the second floor sorority windows. Belushi knows how to work an eyebrow for maximum effect, hilarious!

Director John Landis shows the same fondness for smashing cars and weaving music into the story that he would build on later with "The Blues Brothers" and keeps things quick & loose.

Donald Sutherland & Tom Hulce's scene when Pinto gets high for the first time is priceless, Belushi's love of folk music in the stairwell and the devil & angel on Larry's shoulders are still damn funny.

A priceless comedy from back in the day when we were all a LOT less sensitive, ANIMAL HOUSE is a riot from start to finish.

"Food fight!!!"

"That boy is a P-I-G, Pig!"

"Guess what I am now......"

"What? Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Forget it, he's rolling.....

They were on a roll indeed, with one of the biggest box office comedies of all time, that gets an A+.

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