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George C. Scott stars and directs the 1972 drama RAGE, bringing a lot more power to the first job than the second. Scott stars as a widower rancher with a 12 year old son who are both accidentally exposed to a military nerve gas test while camping. Scott is ALWAYS worth watching he brings such fierce commitment to any role and you feel his anguish pain and RAGE here as he discovers the truth about his son's illness. It's as a director that Scott stumbles here, with some pretty heavy handed camera work and long set ups without much payoff for the viewer. He employs so many liquids, animals, characters and objects coming right at the camera (usually in slow motion) that it's almost like he thought this was going to be a 3D movie. Alas, the entire movie is pretty flat. Martin Sheen and Richard Basehart lead a pretty good supporting cast in this mediocre thriller. C

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