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Seth Macfarlane's TED is vulgar, inappropriate, politically incorrect and HILARIOUS. If you ever wandered what Family Guy would look like without the restrictions of TV, here's a good indicator! Mark Wahlberg is damn funny as Boston everyman John Bennett, who wished when he was 8 years old that his teddy bear would come to life. TED does and the results are funny from the start. The concept of what happens not just the next day, but also twenty-some years later sets up a lot of classic comedy. Mila Kunis is sweet & funny as Wahlberg's long suffering girlfriend, Joel McHale brings lots of LOL moments as Lori's scheming boss and Patrick Warburton, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Skeritt all bring big laughs. Writer-Director Macfarlane is a funny dude and his twisted, rapid fire references style of comedy pushing every boundary of good taste hits the bullseye with me (and plenty of other folks based on the HUGE box office results). Sure, the picture rambles a bit in its last quarter with a silly kidnapping subplot, but its more than balanced by many, many laugh out loud moments. RUDE, NASTY and FUNNY. We watched the UNEDITED version and it was an adult riot, this is NOT one to watch with the kids! The only movie starring a teddy bear I would every give a B.

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