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47 Meters Down

I think I probably sat down to watch 47 METERS DOWN because who doesn't like a good shark movie to wrap up a summer? and Mandy Moore is so good on "This Is Us". I couldn't resist.

Well, Mandy is pretty good here too with what she's given to do, which is always predictable, but well played. She is Lisa, whose marriage is in trouble and she's anxious to prove to her newly estranged spouse that she's not boring.

So of course the first thing that comes to mind is diving in a shark cage on a rickety looking boat in Mexico. Sure, that makes sense!

Her sister Kate is along for the dive and is played by Claire Holt, who apparently stars in some TV shows that I'm way too old to care about.

Anyway, faster than you can say "Hey isn't that Matthew Modine as the ship captain!?" the cage chain breaks and our divers are trapped with limited air 47 meters down on the bottom of the sea.

There are no real surprises here.

The photography is good, there are a couple decent jump scares and virtually nothing that will strike you as overly inventive. It's shark movie 101.

The CGI sharks look so damn good, you just wish they had a better movie to swim through!

Meh. 47 METERS never quite floats, we'll give it a C.

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