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24 X 36: A Movie About Movie Posters

For any huge fans of film posters and movie artwork like myself, 24X36 promises plenty of great nostalgia around the movie poster artists of our lifetime.

For about a third of its running time, it succeeds.

Kicking off with an entertaining history of how early cinema was promoted and then moving forward through the decades, you see examples of the best film posters of many years.

From King Kong to Saul Bass' work on VERTIGO's famous poster, to Richard Amsel's work on RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, its a great look behind the best artists of the industry.

Where the documentary takes a sour turn is when it details the move in the 90's to photo art instead of hand drawn art and then spends the last half of the film diving DEEP into the world of retro art houses that are remaking NEW posters for films old and new and selling them in limited production to collectors.

I wanted to learn more about the best artists in the industry, their work and their creativity, not watch a long, glorified episode of Antiques Roadshow for movie posters.


Its as disappointing as the modern era's move from true art to collage photos and head shots.

We'll square 24X36 with a C-.

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