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Young Frankenstein

It's hard to believe that Mel Brooks followed up his huge hit Blazing Saddles, the SAME YEAR, 1974, with mega-hit YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. Talk about firing on all cylinders!

The film is actually a loving tribute to the original, using the lab equipment props from the original film and shot in black and white. Gene Wilder is excellent as Victor Frankenstein (that's Fronk-en-steen!) grandson of the notorious original Dr, who inherits his grandfather's castle, his loyal servant Igor (hilarious Marty Feldman), lab assistant Inga (beautiful and funny Teri Garr) and castle gatekeeper Frau Blucher (cue horse noises here).

It's a comedy classic, well written by Wilder and Director Mel Brooks. You all have your favorite moments I'm sure, mine include "Fantasic Knockers! Thank you DR!", Igor's "I Ain't Got No Body" routine, "Roll, Roll, Roll in the Hay", It's True! and of course, Puttin' on the Ritz.

Peter Boyle is excellent as the monster, bringing just the right mix of funny and sweet and Gene Hackman is awesome in his brief, uncredited role as the blind man.

This is a perfect comedy that I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching!

"Hump? What Hump?" It's a hilarious A.

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