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You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

One of Woody Allen's most star-studded films of the past decade, YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER weaves a couple life lessons through laughs and drama.

Anthony Hopkins is wealthy businessman Alfie, who decides he's leaving his wife for a much younger, ditzier blonde named Charmaine (Lucy Punch) who also happens to be a hooker.

Alfie's wife Helena begins to see a psychic who tells her to be on the lookout for the tall dark stranger of the title.

Meanwhile, Alfie and Helena's daughter Sally (Naomi Watts, very good here) is watching her marriage begin to crumble as her lazy writer husband Roy (Josh Brolin) seems incapable of finishing his second book.

When he reads a friend's first time book he is astonished how good it is and even more paralyzed. When that friend is killed in an auto accident and he realizes he's the only one with a copy, he begins to think about turning in that book as his own, all the while flirting and lunching with a beautiful young woman (a stunning Freida Pinto) in the window across the courtyard.

Sally (Watts) finds herself very tempted by her attractive new boss, art gallery owner Greg, played with maximum charm by Antonio Banderas.

As these characters fall in and out of love, Woody's got some funny and powerful things to say about the grass always being greener on the other side and the power of long-time relationships.

Allen is also playing on another very smart level about human nature and our tendency to conjure something out of nothing rather than to face the harsh realities of life's daily challenges.

Great cast, some big laughs and some powerful quiet moments as well. Nobody writes relationship dialogue like Woody.

This Stranger gets a B.

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