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Wreck It Ralph

Well how clever is THIS animated hit!?

Expanding the appeal of its enjoyable story beyond kids, WRECK IT RALPH appeals to everyone that's ever been stuck for hours playing PacMan, Mario Bros or Doom back in the day, or Call of Duty today.

John C. Reilly (always great) voices our title character Ralph, who is tired of always being the bad guy in his video game and breaks out of his world and into others in his quest to be the hero.

As Ralph crosses over into the other games (cleverly through power chords and circuits once the arcade is shut down) he runs into tough female army leader Calhoun. Voiced by Jane Lynch and brilliantly animated in a full out Call-Of-Duty game style, Calhoun leads a bumbling Ralph on a full out assault of a "bug" infested military station.

Ralph soon moves on to a Mario Kart-like world of car racing that is such a different style from the war game before it, its like a visual and sound assault of color.

Assisted by a great voice cast including Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, Mindy Kaling and Ed O'Niell, clever writing and direction, Disney knocks it out of the park.

Watch for great "cameos" from your favorites like Sonic the Hedgehog, Qbert and those fighting dudes from Mortal Kombat.

So many memories, so many laughs.

A clever, genre and generation crossing winner that gets an A.

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