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What Lies Beneath

A creepy little well-told thriller, 2000's WHAT LIES BENEATH is full of suspense, solid scares and plenty of unexpected twists.

Harrison Ford is Norman Spencer, a famous University research scientist with a beautiful wife and a gorgeous waterfront home in the Hamptons.

Michelle Pfeiffer is his wife Claire. As the film opens, their only daughter is heading off to college.

Alone in their home for the first time, whispering voices lurk in the darkness, doors start to open by themselves for Claire, rooms are filled with fog and the scariest bathtub since "The Shining" seems to be trying to tell her something.

As the encounters grow more terrifying and Claire becomes convinced the neighbor has killed his wife, who is now come next door to haunt her, Norman begins to question her sanity.

Nothing is quite as it seems and in the great hands of director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Castaway) the film moves quickly from mystery to scares to thrills.

The last twenty minutes is as taut and suspenseful as a thriller can be, with Ford, Pfieffer and Zemeckis pulling out all the stops, bathtub and otherwise.

Turn off the lights, turn up the volume and enjoy the ride.

Part Hitchcock whodunit, part horror film, part domestic drama with a dash of a great old fashioned ghost story, WHAT LIES BENEATH is great scary fun and gets an A.

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