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Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (Broadway)

(August 2013) What a smart and funny night at the theatre! My daughter and I had the chance to see VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE on Broadway last night and had a really entertaining evening.

David Hyde Pierce and Kristine Nielsen play quiet and lonely brother and sister Vanya and Sonia, living in their childhood home together living a very quiet life.

They took care of their recently deceased parents in the home in the shadow of their not-very-present Hollywood actress sister Masha, who arrives early in the play with her young boy toy in tow to bring plenty of excitement and conflict to the family home.

It's a heavy set up played brilliantly for laughs and the cast is excellent.

Hyde Pierce shows all the perfect timing you'd expect from the "Frasier" vet and has a terrific five minute rant about all the depersonalizing trends in the world that will leave you nostalgic and laughing.

Kristine Nielsen transforms from depressed and lonely to some shing moments alone on stage when she discovers she's not quite the wallflower she thought she was.

Julie White, who I only knew as the mom in the Transformers movies, is fantastic as the spoiled, pampered Masha and her timing is perfect, getting every laugh out of the witty script.

It's intelligent, fun, moving and has plenty of laugh out loud moments. A deserving Tony winner for Best Play of 2013 and a solid A.

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