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United 93

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

For me, the most powerful 9/11 film is this suspenseful, exhausting film written and directed by Paul Greengrass, the director of the Bourne trilogy. Unfolding in nearly real time, the film details the passengers and crew and surroundings of United 93, the only highjacked flight not to hit it's target on that horrible September morning.

A strong cast of lesser known but excellent actors fill the film, but its also cast with actual people playing themselves and reliving that day in character. It's a tribute to all of them that none come off as amateurs. Perhaps nothing can come across quite like those actual experiences they had on 9/11 and those memories inspire their roles.

The film will anger you and sadden you and hopefully inspire you to treasure the freedom and independence we all enjoy that is constantly under a threat from religious fanatics. The fact that we all know the fate of United 93 will not detract from this being one of the most suspenseful, harrowing film experiences you've ever had. United 93 earns a powerful A.

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