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Transformers: Age of Extinction

After watching the fourth (and please Movie Gods, the LAST!) Transformers movie last weekend, I feel like I've been through a battle too.

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION replaces Shia with Wahlberg, adds some dinosaurs made of metal and abandons any hope of coherency with nearly three hours of non-stop metal carnage, explosions and mayhem.

It opens perfectly, with my friend Glenn Keogh as the foreman at an Arctic dig site who's unearthed a massive metal dinosaur. Intriguing (and well done Keogh), but things spiraled into boredom from there.

Great actors like Stanley Tucci are left to scream incoherently on screen (perhaps he was looking for some sort of character development) and the battles all blend into an unending barrage of noise and big things blowing up.

As an action movie fan, I like a good action sequence as much as the next guy, but when you can't really tell who is the bad guy and why you should care, it's all just machines rolling around on the screen without any point.

What a disappointment after the very enjoyable last film in the series!

Featuring a budget of $210 million, it's wall-to-wall special effects. Again, I am a fan of great special effects, but I was so bored after 20 minutes that I checked out my watch more than the cardboard folks on screen.

You would think that Director Michael Bay MUST be getting tired of making these, right? I guess the fact that this noisy exploding bore-fest made over a BILLION dollars worldwide almost guarantees the world that there will be another sequel.

Oh boy.

I can guarantee you one thing, I won't be watching it. Let's hope the key word on this one was Extinction. I'll give it an F.

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