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Toy Story 4

After the movie perfection that was the conclusion of Toy Story 3, it's been an understandable question whether we really needed TOY STORY 4.

Perfect fun for the whole family, let's give that a resounding yes.

Disney/Pixar and one of the best voice casts in animated film history give it their all, creating a hilarious and truly touching final (?) chapter for our toy friends.

Woody (the amazing Tom Hanks, nailing it yet again) is still serving as ring leader for Bonnie's toys, with feelings that he's a bit long in the tooth starting to creep into Woody's world.

When Bonnie creates a new toy Forky (VEEP's hilarious Tony Hale), he's determined to escape into the trash, while all the toys try to convince him he's now a toy.

When Bonnie and her folks go on an RV trip, Forky's escape opportunities abound and Woody, Buzz (the terrific Tim Allen) and the gang are determined to keep the group together.

We reunite with Bo Peep (the excellent Annie Potts) and meet two new friends that deliver huge laughs, Ducky (Keegan Michael Key) and Bunny (Jordan Peele) who bring their long history of LOL comedy partnership to the plush duo.

Keanu Reeves is perfectly cast as shallow Stunt Man Duke Kaboom, saving his best line for the last post credits scene.

Carl Weathers (Rocky) plays all three Combat Carls, including the one hilariously always left hanging and Ally Maki is fun as the tiny Giggle McDimples.

Randy Newman again writes a strong music score and comes up with another fun song "I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away" to accompany Forky's many attempts to climb in the garbage.

Just as they did in "Coco" and "Up", the writers and animators create moments that are as moving as any live action drama, with long friendships ending, old loves reunited and some very sad goodbyes. If the last ten minutes doesn't choke you up, check your pulse.

Comedy is front and center though, as are some very clever animated action set pieces, suspenseful escapes from some creepy Dummies and a menacing Gabby Gabby doll.

From 5 years old to 60 years old, we all loved it and look forward to many repeat viewings with our bug in the future.

TOY STORY 4 is terrific and gets an appreciative A from our entire gang.

Listen closely for voice cameos from Mel Brooks, Bill Hader, Carol Burnett, Timothy Dalton, Carl Reiner & Betty White!

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