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To Be Takei

If you like George Takei, his lust for life and good humor on Facebook, or just know him from his days on Star Trek as Sulu, you will find the new documentary TO BE TAKEI hilarious and moving.

A documentary film crew followed Takei and his partner Brad around their home and lives for over a year. Brad is so uncomfortable in front of the cameras that its a nonstop source of hilarity for George and the viewer.

As Takei walks you through his life, from his early college days on the drama team to his present role as TV, film and stage actor, gay rights activist and husband, you will be astonished by his life.

As a young boy, he and his family were placed in Japanese interment camps in Arkansas after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It's an emotional, powerful story as George recalls his fiercely proud parents, loyal and proud Americans finding their patriotism challenged and their liberties stolen.

Takei is hilarious in detailing his Star Trek experience, especially his lack of relationship with William Shatner, who is interviewed and comes off as a boorish, self centered ass. (Takei's closing lines at the Comedy Central Roast of Shatner are perfectly delivered!)

It's powerful to hear of Takei's years in Hollywood, living with Brad for many decades, but forced to pretend to be straight to protect his career.

As George practices on camera for the premiere of the new musical 'Allegiance", based on his story in the interment camps, you'll root for him and the play (and for him to be a better singer than Brad expects).

Howard Stern leads many familiar faces in talking about Takei and his inspiring life and passionate quest for liberties for all.

Its funny, fast and unexpectedly moving. As for George, all I can say is OH MYYYYYYY and give the film a solid B.

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