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Three Days of the Condor

A smart, clever thriller that holds up great for viewing today, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR stars Robert Redford at his 1975 best as a researcher at a secret facility hidden away in NYC.

After it is attacked and everyone but Redford is killed by professional assassins, he goes on the run and is forced to dig into the reasons behind the killings.

Condor weaves a good tale with a great cast, including Max Von Sydow as a professional hit man doing his job, but not without extraordinary professionalism and judgment; Cliff Robertson as Redford's slimy boss (dig that 70's fur collar coat baby) and Faye Dunaway as the innocent woman Redford kidnaps in his desperation to escape.

Director Sydney Pollack keeps things moving fast while never losing his smart approach and he gets great support from Dave Grusin's jazz score and Lorenzo Semple, Jr and David Rayfiel's screenplay that never panders and expects you to pay attention.

An intelligent and exciting thriller with Redford at his movie star best.

We'll target Condor with an A.

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