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The Theory of Everything

The life story of brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is a beautiful and moving love story.

The film starts off detailing Hawking's young life at Cambridge University, where the awkward young genius falls in love with Jane and experiences the onset of the disease that would slowly take away his mobility.

Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables, My Week With Marilyn) deservedly won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Hawking. He conveys intelligence and passion through all the years depicted in the film and you feel his frustration as Lou Gehrig's disease silences his voice but never his spirit or intelligence.

Felicity Jones is also great as Jane, who stays at his side and never gives up on the man she met in college.

The brilliance and humor of Hawking is well known, but so much of his life story was surprising to me. I'll leave the details untold here as the drama is in the discovery.

The film is based on Jane's book about their lives. At its core, its a moving love story.

The photography by Benoit Delhomme is terrific and the music score by Johann Johannsson (Prisoners, Foxcatcher) is beautifully behind the scenes yet often present.

In theory, this film DOES have everything you could want in a dramatic depiction of an amazing life and gets an A.

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