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The Sea Wolves

Some of the best filmmakers in Britain kicked off 1980 with an old-fashioned TRUE tale of WW2, THE SEA WOLVES.

The German forces are sinking ship after Allied Ship with their U-boats, getting information from three ships moored at the neutral harbor of Noa.

Col Pugh (Gregory Peck) partners with his old friends Col. Grice (David Niven) and Capt Gavin Stewart (Roger Moore) to assemble a large group of military retirees for a secret mission to sink the German ships.

There is plenty of humor throughout as the dedicated but aging team preps for the mission through plenty of aches and pains.

The back half of the film details the mission and creates some enjoyable, tension-filled adventure following the unusual team.

Gregory Peck's accent is just awful and tends to vaporize about 75% of the time, Roger Moore is channeling OO7 and looks like James Bond just wondered in via a time machine, while Niven, Trevor Howard and Patrick MacNee provide great support.

The special effects haven't held up very well, but it's fun to see Maurice Binder providing end credits that definitely scream Bond.

Enjoyable, lightweight entry in the War film genre that's worth a Saturday afternoon.

The Sea Wolves float a B-.

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