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The Prince of Egypt

1998's The Prince of Egypt is a terrific animated film from the era just before CGI took over for hand drawn animation at the movies. This is the same story you have seen 100 times in "The Ten Commandments" but set to great songs by Stephen Schwartz ("Wicked"). Val Kilmer, Michelle Pfieffer, Sandra Bullock, Ralph Fiennes & Patrick Stewart lead a strong voice cast with great contributions by Martin Short and Steve Martin as well. The plagues of Egypt and parting of the Red Sea are very well done, with excellent animation and design from the team at Dreamworks. Watch for the scene where Moses falls asleep and the hieroglyphics come to life in his dream. This was a cutting edge CGI sequence in the late 90's and merges really well with the rest of the film, while showing a glimpse of where animation was soon to go. Regardless of where you fall on the religious spectrum, this is a terrific story, well told. Grab your kids or grand kids and enjoy. A

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