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The Out of Towners

If you find non-stop, sexist, shouting rude behavior enchanting, 1970's The Out-Of-Towners will be movie nirvana for you.

Ohio resident jack Lemmon is heading to New York City for a job interview with his wife Sandy Dennis literally in tow.

From the moment that Gwen (Dennis) had to repeatedly ask George (Lemmon) if it was "okay to have a cup of coffee" on the airplane only for him to tell her no, I knew this so called comedy was going to be tough to swallow.

George basically yells, whines and bitches his way through flight delays, missed dinner reservations, departed trains, frustrated cabbies and muggings in his efforts to make the interview.

Virtually NONE of this is funny. These are two people you would not want to be next to at any point in your life, so watching them for an hour and a half is not pleasurable on any level.

One of Simon's worst. I'm hoping that plane in the last scene goes straight to Cuba and never comes unwatchable F.

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