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The Neptune Factor

Some fun movies from your childhood memories just dont hold up very well, if at all. 1973's THE NEPTUNE FACTOR is a perfect example.

Made on a shoestring, all the fantastic, gargantuan sea monsters promised on the poster are sadly just closeups of regular size fish in an aquarium.

Ben Gazzara (Road House) is the cocky pilot Blake, grabbing the wheel of a rescue sub after an earthquake plunges an undersea lab into the scary ocean depths, oh, I mean the bottom of the aquarium.

Walter Pidgeon is a scientist and Ernest Borgnine is a hot tempered (who knew!) crew member on hand to create exciting conflict, oops, I mean TV level arguments.

Its kind of amazing this was made by 20th Century Fox the same year as 'The Poseidon Adventure", which features FAR superior special effects.

Consider that "Fantastic Voyage" was made by Fox 6 years before this. I just dont think they're trying very hard....

My grandson loves sea creatures, but this thing is so dull and slow moving, it would only be good to incite naps.

98 minutes has never felt more like 3 hours.

It turns out THE NEPTUNE FACTOR is dull+boring+cheap=waterlogged stinker.

Go watch your aquarium for 5 minutes, it will be far more entertaining that this. It gets an F.

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