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The Legend of Hell House

Writer Richard Matheson (I am Legend, The Night Stalker, Twilight Zone, Trilogy of Terror) is firing on all horror cylinders with the 1973 hit THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE.

Scientist Barrett (Clive Revill) his wife Ann (Gayle Hunnicutt) physical medium Fischer (Roddy McDowell) and mental medium Tanner (Pamela Franklin) are challenged to spend 5 nights in Hell House. The last investigative team was either maimed or killed with the exception of sole survivor McDowell, who is at his full tilt Roddy best in this horror flick.

Matheson and director John Hough (Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry) pull out all the stops and make this a suspenseful and scary little ride through early 70's horror.

Some of the sexuality is surprisingly frank for its time and the tale is really well written, creating some nice scares and tense moments.

Comparing this to the remake of The Haunting from the 90's, Hell House does it ten times better with 1/20th the budget. A fun, classic little horror flick! Hell House scares up a B.

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