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The Intern

Predictable but fun, THE INTERN delivers everything you want in a light comedy/drama, powered by an all-star cast.

Robert DeNiro delivers a strong performance as widower Ben, bored in retirement, exhausted with traveling and missing his wife of many years.

Answering a flyer for senior interns, Ben meets Jules (Anne Hathaway) the owner of a hugely successful start up online company.

At first Jules ignores Ben, as he ingratiates himself to the rest of the company with his professionalism and experience. Will she come around? What do you think?

Luckily for us, the office is staffed with some great comedians, including Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect), Andrew Rannels (The Book of Mormon) and Zack Pearlman.

Rene Russo is still beautiful and hilarious as the company masseuse and one of the few people near Ben's age at the company and Linda Lavin (Alice) is a neighborhood widow with eyes for Ben.

Writer/Director Nancy Meyers (It's Complicated, Something's Gotta Give) is reliably funny and serves up equal touching moments with comedy throughout.

DeNiro is such a terrific actor that he elevates any material, and when given a well written role like he is here, he really delivers. Russo is terrific as well and they have great chemistry together.

Hathaway isn't one of my favorite actresses. Her normal style seems like its always one tic away from full blown overacting. She's the same here, more mannered that Liza and committed to expressing every emotion with all of her face. It's all too much. She has her moments here though, tellingly her most quiet ones, when she is bouncing off of DeNiro's genius.

The scene involving Jules email mistaken email to her Mom feels strangely shoehorned in from another film, but Meyers keeps the drama & comedy well mixed and flowing.

The Intern shows plenty of experience, with DeNiro, Russo, Meyers and the guys in the office delivering beyond expectations. It gets a B.

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