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The Impossible

A harrowing, suspenseful and moving true story of one family's attempt for survival in 2004's Tsunami in Thailand, THE IMPOSSIBLE is an exhausting but rewarding movie.

Naomi Watts is a doctor on hiatus while her husband, Ewan McGregor works at an Asian firm. The couple takes their three boys for Christmas holiday to a beautiful resort in Thailand, where they, and you, experience the perfect vacation for the first ten minutes of the film.

Once the tsunami roars over their beach side resort, turning paradise into hell in a matter of moments, Maria (Watts) and Henry (McGregor) are separated, she with their oldest son and he with the two younger boys.

To say more would be to say too much, as the last 90 minutes of the film is their quest to survive and to reunite.

The film's team has done an amazing job in re-creating both the event and the aftermath. The scenes underwater as they are thrown at 20 miles an hour for miles along with trees, cars, power poles are amazing.

Sound is used really well in the film too, as you are first overwhelmed with the scale of the disaster and then sunk into total silence at many points afterward.

Guaranteed to make you hug your kids and your wife a bit tighter on your next vacation (and while you watch) THE IMPOSSIBLE is a testament to our resilience and determination in the face of overwhelming disaster. Get your kleenex, you'll need 'em. A beautiful, suspenseful, moving A.

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