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The Hunger Games

Hmmmm, the world may be watching and based on the box office, most of the world seems pretty excited. So what am I missing? Having not read the books, I approached THE HUNGER GAMES with lots of friends telling me how great the books were. eh....I kept waiting for the movie to grab me. Jennifer Lawrence is very good as Katniss, our volunteer from District 11 for the future reality show/fight to the death. Woody Harrelson brings some much needed levity to the proceedings as a mentor and Lenny Kravitz is also good, but man is this thing just a long trek to a predictable ending. My biggest problem with the movie is that all the action scenes are shot with so many closeups and edited with such quick cuts that its nearly impossible to tell what's happening. Director of photography Tom Stern and Lead editor Chris Capp have done some great work in the past, so I can only assume the quick cuts are to hide cheap special effects shots or try to soften the violence to ensure a PG-13 rating. These games definitely did not leave me hungry for the next two films in the trilogy.....we award the tributes a C.

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