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The Hospital

Comedies don't get any darker than Paddy Chayefsky's smart skewering of the medical system, "The Hospital".

George C. Scott followed up his Best Actor turn as Patton with a powerhouse performance as Dr. Bock, a suicidal, fed up, pent up head of medical staff at a major NYC hospital.

Sleeping little, drinking plenty, Bock is at the end of his rope. To add to his problems, doctors start dying in the hospital in an escalating series of what appear to be murders.

Diana Rigg is at her gorgeous and intelligent best as Barbara Drummond, daughter of a comatose patient that gets Bock's attention in the middle of the chaos.

The cast if excellent to the smallest player and the humor is very, very dark, sharp and hilarious.

Between this and "Network" Chayefsky cornered the market on 1970's brilliant satire.

If you want to feel better, check into "The Hospital" for a couple hours of very dark fun with a serious message. We'll prescribe it an A.

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