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The Grinch

The 1960's TV version of Dr. Suess' Christmas classic has been an annual favorite in my house for as many years as I can remember, but I've purposely avoided seeing the Jim Carrey film, it just looked horrible.

Only Jonah could talk me into seeing the new 2018 animated version THE GRINCH.

I'm so glad he did!

A terrific expansion of the story you know, the animation team at ILLUMINATION (Despicable Me, Minions) outdoes themselves with a new holiday classic.

The Grinch is still grumpy and lives up on the hill above Whoville, but as Jonah told me as we walked in the theatre, "he's not so scary now, he's just grumpy." It's a pretty accurate summary from a savvy 4 year old viewer.

We learn why The Grinch despises the holiday, we meet plenty of his neighbors and are treated to plenty of laughs and clever visuals along the way.

I couldn't imagine that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't horribly miscast as the voice of our green grump. He's terrific, especially in giving voice to the Grinch during his final scenes.

The film isn't afraid to entertain adults (with references to the movie "Speed" and a specific Eric Carmen 70's pop song) alongside the kids, with plenty of jokes that I got that Jonah didn't, but we had plenty to laugh at together.

Pharrell Williams is a perfect narrator, Rashida Jones (The Office)is terrific as Cindy Lou-Who's Mom and SNL's Kenan Thompson all but steals the show at the Grinch's closest neighbor.

Danny Elfman provides a strong musical score, perfectly and powerfully referencing all the songs you've heard for five decades in the animated TV classic.

Where the film could have been cloying and overdone, it finds the perfect tone in telling the story of what happened AFTER the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day.

Surprisingly touching and entertaining, THE GRINCH will be a new holiday favorite to watch every year.

It gets a unanimous A from Jonah and I.

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