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The Girl

HBO Films fascinating look at the two-film relationship of Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren, THE GIRL is a treasure for film buffs. Hitch was notorious for falling in love with his blonde leading ladies, including Grace Kelly. Tippi became Hitch's new Grace when she took the lead role in THE BIRDS. According to the film, she is soon smothered (literally and figuratively) by Hitchcock as his obsession becomes overpowering. Tippi agrees to do his next film MARNIE opposite Sean Connery before The Birds is even done filming. THE GIRL does a fantastic job of recreating the sets and scenes from these two Hitchcock classics. Toby Jones is excellent as Hitchcock in a very unsympathetic portrayal and Sienna Miller captures the torture of Hedren's two years on the sets. I can't imagine the estate of the great director is very thrilled with the portrait of a nasty, bitter, lonely old man carved out here, but it sure makes for excellent watching for Hitchcock and/or film buffs. The Girl gets an A.

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