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The Fury

One of my favorite Brian De Palma films and my go to example of the potential of elevating junk into entertainment, 1978's THE FURY is an over-the-top horror thriller and a ton of fun.

Kirk Douglas stars as a government agent whose son Robin (Andrew Stevens) has an amazing psychic gift and powerful telekinesis.

When a mysterious government agency tries to kill Douglas, he goes on the run, where he eventually connects to a young Chicago woman named Gillian (Amy Irving) who shares the same ability to see the future and move objects as Robin.

As their paths intersect, the web of secret agencies, otherworldly powers and suspense collide in an enjoyable mashup.

De Palma swings for the fences with 9 minute long, dialogue free, slow motion, split screen sequences set to John Williams huge score and it all works for me.

John Cassavetes adds menacing class as our villain and Charles Durning is terrific as the head of the institute where Gillian is harnessing her powers.

The film gets darker and darker as it goes, moving from humor and lightness to a very disturbing conclusion.

The final three minutes are as over the top as films get, ending with a gory, graphic final shot that De Palma is so in love with he repeats it about 9 times from 9 different angles.

Look for Dennis Franz in a very early role and Jim Belushi as an extra strolling by Irving and her friend in Gillian's first appearance in the film.

Excessive, operatic in its violence and bloody action scenes, THE FURY is a fun, guilty pleasure and gets an exploding A.

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