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The Fly

This 1986 horror classic holds up beautifully and still packs a punch. Jeff Goldblum is eccentric scientist Seth Brundle, who is on the brink of developing a teleportation system. He meets Geena Davis, a journalist that agrees to document the final stages of his project in return for the exclusive inside scoop. Things go horribly wrong when Seth decides to be the first human test subject and a housefly sneaks into the original pod, merging their DNA in the teleportation process. As Goldblum becomes "Brundlefly" the makeup, special effects and gore are first class and GROSS. Director David Cronenberg (Scanners, The Dead Zone) pulls no punches in the most mainstream movie of his career and Goldblum is fantastic throughout all his transformations. Some of his odd tics and insect like mannerisms in the last third of the movie are creepy & inspired. This is one gross flick, and I loved it! We'll buzz this FLY an A. Be very afraid!

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