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The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen's THE DICTATOR is pretty damn funny. The idiotic dictator of fictional Aladeen (a name that has taken the place of over 150 words in the native language, including open AND closed, yes AND no, leading to mass confusion) is coming to New York City to give a speech at the UN concerning the growing threat of his nuclear program. Forced to deal with being replaced by a look-a-like and hiding out as an employee in a hilariously depicted health food store, Aladeen must find a way to get back in power. Sacha throws a lot at the screen here and a lot of it is incredibly un-PC and hilarious. When Anna Faris tells him that she went to Amherst, he says that "women in college are like a dog on roller skates, it doesn't mean anything to the dog, but it is hilarious to watch". And it gets worse from there...LOL. This is far more scripted than Sacha's last few films Borat and Bruno, and I enjoyed it much more than Bruno.

Completely inappropriate and offensive to just about everyone (including both sides of the political spectrum). Loved Aladeen's comment that all the really great dictators are gone, Stalin, Kim Jong Il, Cheney....) I think the Dictator rules with a solid, nasty and offensive B.

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