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The Conjuring

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

If I had a dollar for every time a fright flick has claimed to be "the scariest film since The Exorcist", I'd be retired. For the first time in a long time, I think a movie actually lives up to that billing. THE CONJURING is truly tense, scary, disturbing fun.

The film is "inspired by the true life events" tale of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, well played here by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

Carolyn and Roger Perron track down the Warrens after the new farmhouse they move into begins to display some seriously unwanted extra features.

Lily Taylor and Ron Livingston are very good as the Perrons, who are non-believers pulled into some seriously scary events nearly every night.

Director James Wan (Saw and Insidious) is getting better with every horror film he makes and he delivers the goods time and time again with well earned scares, superb visual takes on the spooky events and some seriously intense moments.

If you don't like dolls with a mind of their own, creepy crawlspaces and basements and the nastiest antique furniture on the planet, your fingernails will be gone.

Wan and his cast build very well to a truly scary, perfectly executed exorcism conclusion that does indeed offer some of the scariest scenes I remember since The Exorcist.

All the kids are well cast actors that pull off some perfectly scary moments.

Like those spirits in Poltergeist, Director Wan seems to know what scares me, and he hit me over the head with it so many times in two hours, I can't help but love the roller coaster thrills, jolts and horror whipped up by THE CONJURING.

Turn off the lights, crank up the sound and get ready, but whatever you do, do NOT play hide and clap.

A creepy, tension filled A.

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