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The Cabin in the Woods

First of all, no SPOILER ALERTS are necessary for my review of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, the brilliant new horror movie from Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly, writer of The Avengers). There is no way I would share one secret of this incredibly smart, gory, fun, amazing, CLEVER flick! Take all the cliches you have come to expect in a horror movie, including a weekend in a dark, secluded cabin, the five stock slasher film characters (nerd, jock, cheerleader, virgin and stoner), the scary town person they meet before the get to the cabin, etc etc....Now blow ALL those cliches up and blend them back into themselves in ways that you will never see coming. To say anymore is to spoil the surprise.

Just fasten your seatbelt, accept that you only THINK you know where this thrill ride is going and get ready. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are hilarious in roles I can't even describe without giving something away. This is a lot of fun, splashed with a LOT of blood, horror, laughs and clever twists. It's not often I would use the world brilliant for a horror film, but The Cabin in the Woods earns it. When you find yourself in the main room and all the elevator doors get ready to open at once, prepare yourself. One of my fave films of 2012 and a gore splashed A.

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