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The Bourne Ultimatum

Back in 2007, the fast paced thrill ride THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM wrapped up the original series of films until Matt Damon returned almost a decade later.

This time around, Bourne is dragged out of seclusion again by a dogged London reporter whose uncovered a project that leads back to Project Treadstone.

Once Bourne and the reporter meet, the film explodes (as these always do so well and consistently in this series) when both men realize their meeting is a set up.

Bourne finally comes face to face with the origins of his second life as a lethal assassin. Damon manages to be superhero like in his physical battles while portraying a lot of emotion under the surface. I always felt like Damon didnt get enough credit for this role.

Director Paul Greengrass is back, as are Julia Stiles as Nicky, the girl from a past adventure and David Strathairn as the weaselly government guy you love to hate.

Edgar Ramirez is a terrific add as a fellow assassin, Albert Finney is perfect as the doctor behind the project and Joan Allen (The Contender) is excellent in her continuing role as Pam Landy, a CIA division head with questionable loyalties.

Daniel Bruhl (Munich) goes toe to toe with Damon in some of the thriller's best scenes.

Greengrass created one of the most tense films of all time with 2006's UNITED 93 and he brings the same intensity here, this one barely stops to take a breath.

Like WIlliam Friedkin in "The French Connection" many key chase scenes were filmed on the fly through real crowds in international locations. It gives the film a gritty 70's action film polish.

A terrific conclusion to the original trilogy, ULTIMATUM gets an A.

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