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The Billionaire's Boys Club

The BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB has two infamous distinctions when you look at 2018 film history.

The first is that it was the only major film release to feature shunned actor Kevin Spacey after his fall from grace.

The second is that it had the most dismal box office of any major release in 2018 and perhaps all time, earning $128 nationwide in its opening day in theatres.

Whether that's because it's haunted by Spacey's presence or the fact its not very good is up for interpretation.

A great young cast is wasted.

Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver) is fine as Joe Hunt, an ambitious young accountant who hitches his wagon to school chum Dean, who plays on a very dark side of the line. Taron Egerton (The Kingsmen) is fine as Dean as well, luring Joe into some major crimes.

When they meet wealthy, mysterious and flamboyant hustler Ron Levin (Spacey) they are pulled into a much bigger and darker hustle that pulls in most of the young wealth in Hollywood.

Like a very poor imitation of "The Wolf of Wall Street", it flashes through characters and events, but never draws us into the debauchery like that film did.

I knew the story from a 2 hour Dateline NBC special on these young men and Ron Levin, where it was told with more clarity and suspense than writer/director James Cox can muster.

Characters come and go, violence explodes and good actors like Bokeem Woodbine and Cary Elwes go wasted.

Filmed in 2015, this stinker sat on the shelf for three years. The mold is apparent.

BBC gets a D.

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