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That's My Boy

I must have a soft spot in my brain for Adam Sandler. I detested so many of his early movies, but I have to say he has found a raunchy soft spot with me with THAT'S MY BOY. I laughed a LOT at this Hangover style over-the-top adult comedy. Sandler plays Donny, who had an affair with his teacher back in the 80's as a teen and now reconnects with his son from that unholy union, played by Andy Samberg. Samberg has completely shut his Dad out of his life and is about to get married into a wealthy family when Sandler shows up for the wedding. The usual Sandler support cast shows up and I thought Will Forte, Rachel Dratch and Nick Swardson were hilarious. Vanilla Ice plays himself as Donny's best friend from the 80's and shows a hell of a sense of humor, along with Todd Bridges, Tony Orlando (sans Dawn) and Susan Sarandon as his teenage teacher crush grown up. Sandler's discovery of Samberg's fiance's secret is LOL hilarious, as are most of the scenes at a strip club and the closing moments at the wedding. Critics and audiences savaged it, but it made me laugh A LOT! If you're in the mood for Hangover style raunchy laughs, That's My Boy is a for you. I laughed my way to a B.

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