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Staying Alive

Destined to live in movie history as one of film's worst sequels, 1983's STAYING ALIVE is an unintentionally hilarious mess and destroys the legacy of 1977's "Saturday Night Fever".

John Travolta returns as Tony Manero. It's six years later and Tony has moved his aspirations from the dance clubs to Broadway, trying out for every musical and dance show he can, in order to strut his stuff on stage.

Travolta was in incredible shape for this role. Perhaps it's Sylvester Stallone joining the film as director and co-writer that pumped Travolta up into a ripped dancer, but he looks incredible.

Now if only he was given something to do.

Imagine Thor trying out for "A Chorus Line" and you have pretty much nailed the plot of this lame adventure.

"Fever" had classic music throughout from The Bee Gees, The Trammps, Kool & The Gang; it was a GREAT soundtrack that captured the seventies and one of the best selling soundtracks of all time.

This time, the Bee Gees still contribute four good songs, but they are mostly relegated to the background, while Frank Stallone has plenty of camera time and even more songs on the soundtrack. Nepotism does NOT pay off here as Frank's songs are lame and drag down the film.

When Tony does finally grab the lead in a Broadway show called Satan's Alley, it truly is a glimpse of hell. It's damn funny (its not supposed to be) as Tony leaps and fist pumps his way through Hades in a show that would open and close the same night in NYC.

Stallone, I love a lot of your movies, but you ruined this one. Tony Manero is NOT Rocky. Travolta deserves better.

Only in the film's final two minutes when Tony walks out the stage door and struts to "Staying Alive" from the first film does any of the first film's magic emerge.

Staying ALIVE is D.O.A. and gets a D.

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