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Song of Norway

Sometimes it can be fun watching an old film from your past that was bad then to see just how its held up. And then there's the mega-bombs that have only got worse over time.

1970's stink bomb SONG OF NORWAY has aged so badly it's got a special kind of stench on it that's a strange mixture of desperation mixed with ineptitude.

Mrs. Brady, Florence Henderson runs around the hills of Norway like some third rate Maria Von Trapp, trapped in a screenplay so bad it's like Ed Wood decided to come back from the dead and make a musical.

With about 40 songs ( I really dont know how many, I just know that I was thinking about sitting in my garage with my car on by about the third one...) with hack lyrics tagged onto some classical music by Edvard Grieg, this big old dinosaur lumbers along, gasping toward some sort of story line to hang its music numbers on to.

Other than Florence, the two male leads are just horrible, with neither of them ever making another movie after this melodic turd sunk at the box office.

Poor Robert Morley and Edward G Robinson turn up in small roles. I'm betting they got a vacation to Norway out of the deal.

The scenery is beautiful, but you could find more action in an old postcard of a fjord than you can in this mess.

I remember seeing a play off Broadway one time called "Vienna Lusthaus Revisited". It had won all sorts of critical acclaim. It was basically 90 minutes of beautiful people very naked, prancing around the stage, sometimes as people, sometimes as horses.

It managed to make nudity dull.

I imagine this film could do the same. But I digress..

Much like during the excruciating length of this film, my wand wanders.

If you're going to make a beautiful looking film about a gorgeous country, that's fine. Fill it with a story, some characters, a plot.....

SONG OF NORWAY is so flat, its like an endurance test to get through it. I did laugh quite a few times, in parts that clearly weren't meant to be funny, but hey that's something...

This off-key, bloated all-time turkey gets an F.

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