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Writer/Director Guy Ritchie is very hit and miss for me, mostly miss. His Sherlock Holmes films are ok but over stylized, "King Arthur" was just horrific, but I enjoyed his take on "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.".

But clearly his best film is 2000's SNATCH, which I finally caught up to thanks to constant prodding from my friend Jonathan.

A fast-paced, hilariously over-the-top crime caper, it's loaded with a superb cast on board to have fun.

Jason Statham is wannabe gangster Turkish, who comes off as James Bond in comparison to his sidekick Tommy, a hapless bad guy who never stops trying.

Through one mishap after another, they get sucked deeper and deeper into a crime ring, fixed boxing matches, dangerous Gypsies, an international diamond smuggling ring and enough neighborhood gangsters to make your head spin.

It spins right along with Ritchie's camera, which never stops moving around this hilarious bunch.

Brad Pitt, still sporting his "Fight Club" physique is nearly unintelligible as a young boxer Mickey, with a mind of his own and one hell of a punch.

Dennis Farina (Get Shorty) is laugh out loud funny as an American diamond broker, Benecio del Toro slays as Franky Four Fingers and Lennie James (The Walking Dead) delivers the best deadpan expressions and double takes available as his caper descends into madness.

Ritchie's fast pace, quick edit style works flawlessly from beginning to end.

The best of the best is Alan Ford (An American Werewolf in London) as boss Brick Top. Dialogue, performance and wit blend to perfection with Ford's hilarious delivery. He's one dangerous and unpredictable dude.

I'm glad I finally sat down and watched this nearly 20 years after its release. It's aged perfectly into a Tarantino-esqe cocktail of violence, laughs and profanity that gets an A.

Your were right, Jonathan!

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