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Running Scared

Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines make a formidable action/comedy team in the hilarious 1986 hit, RUNNING SCARED.

Set in Chicago and making good use of the city locales throughout, Crystal and Hines star as cops Danny and Ray, on the trail of an inner city drug ring.

Director Peter Hyams (Outland, 2010) manages to nicely mix suspense and laughs, so you actually care about these two and the outcome of the case.

Jimmy Smits is scary as drug kingpin Julio and Joe Pantoliano nearly steals the show as low rent drug pusher Snake.

Hines and Crystal have great chemistry and timing that keeps the laughs coming throughout. An exciting car chase on top of the L train tracks punches up the second half with one of the best action sequences of the late 80's. It's nearly topped by the film's final confrontation, staged inside the Illinois Thompson Center. Its an exciting conclusion that makes the best use of some dramatic architecture with plenty of guns-a-blazin' and well shot action.

Listen for a great late 80's music score including some very period movie montage pieces by Michael McDonald. Patti LaBelle and a title tune from Fee Waybill of The Tubes!

Fast, funny, exciting and well carried by Hines and Crystal, Running Scared hurtles its way to a solid A-!

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