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Pitch Perfect 2

PITCH PERFECT 2, the 2015 sequel to the original box office hit, gets off to a hilarious start as our girl group The Bellas suffer an all-time wardrobe and equipment malfunction, with Fat Amy (hilarious Rebel Wilson) flashing Mr & Mrs Obama her most private of angles.

It's fall over funny and a great start, teeing up the Bellas as outsiders who decide to compete in an International singing competition that no US group has ever won.

Unfortunately, the film is never quite that funny again. It's enjoyable but predictable as the girls take on a German group (you can imagine every stereotypical angle before they happen) that's their superior in every way.

How will they beat them?

Well, there are few surprises, but the cast is still having fun, including newcomer Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) as Emily and the returning Anna Kendrick as Beca and Adam Devine as Bumper.

It's all VERY predictable, filled with great music and still enjoyable, but it's lost most of the surprises of the original and just kind of peters out by the conclusion.

Elizabeth Banks takes over the reins as Director and it's hard to say if that's the difference, but here's hoping she gives the reins up for the announced third film in the series, and just sticks with her hilarious portrayal of competition analyst Gail, whose word play and interaction with on-air partner John Michael Higgins generates most of the film's biggest laughs.

A little off-key just because it doesn't offer anything new, PITCH PERFECT 2 is still enjoyable but gets a C.

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