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Orphan Black (Miniseries)

If you haven't started watching the BBC Series ORPHAN BLACK yet, plan a marathon session to speed through season one ASAP!

This is premium television from our less inhibited, less quaker-ish and very talented friends across the pond and it is superb.

Tatiana Maslany stars as a troubled drifter named Sarah Manning. In the first episode's opening 5 minutes, she is standing on a subway train platform and suddenly looks up to see a girl that looks exactly like her for one moment.

Their eyes meet and then the other girl steps in front of a speeding train on the platform.

The next moment, Sarah picks up the dead woman's purse and coat and hurries from the subway station and into one of the most exciting, clever, funny and suspenseful, SMART series I've enjoyed since LOST.

I can't say much here without spoiling the fun, but suffice to say that Maslany is an amazing actress. By the time you get halfway through season one, you'll know exactly what I mean.

The supporting cast is flawless, with favorites Felix (the perfect Jordan Gavaris), Paul (Dylan Bruce), Mrs S (Maria Doyle Kennedy from Dexter) and Detective Bell (Kevin Hanchard) leading the way.

The tag line for the series is "SHE'S BEEN DUPED". You'll be duped too if you miss this fantastic series.

Orphan Black is a brilliant A.

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