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Be prepared to explore another world when you enter the clever, visually amazing Oblivion.

Tom Cruise plays Jack, one of the very few people left on Earth to monitor the drones that help protect what's left of our planet after an alien attack.

Living in a sleek, modern home that looks like a cross between an Apple store and a Bang & Olufson showroom, Jack's wife Victoria serves as his Earth bound air traffic control and his link to their bosses on a huge orbiting space station.

Victoria can't wait to wind down their tenure and travel with Jack to meet all their fellow human survivors on Saturn's moon, Titan.

Jack is not so excited to leave and feels a real connection to what's left of his home planet.

He's also haunted by a recurring, powerful dream of meeting a beautiful woman on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in 2017, before the invasion that nearly destroyed Earth.

Everything that happens beyond this is best left unraveled piece by piece in the sometime slow, often exciting, always entertaining puzzle of Oblivion.

Director Joseph Kosinski brings the same visual style and futuristic WOW that he did to his first major film, Tron Legacy. The design of the vehicles, hardware, weapons and environments is brilliant and perfectly executed.

There are several big reveals in the film and the those secrets keep unfolding through the last scene.

Cruise is in full movie star form here, even though its getting a bit uncomfortable to watch him in love scenes with young female co-stars.

Cruise rocks the numerous action sequences and is always believable.

Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) is very good as the woman in Jack's dreams, she's come a long way from her early role as a Bond girl. Morgan Freeman is great as always in a role best left undescribed to preserve all the plot's surprises.

Visually terrific, exciting and clever in the way it unfolds one layer at a time, Oblivion blasts it's way to an A-.

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