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Sprinkled with a few chuckles and one really big LOL moment, NEIGHBORS fails to generate consistent laughs.

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne (finally able to use her actual Aussie accent) play a couple that realize they are not quite as young as they used to be when a frat house moves in next door in their suburban neighborhood.

Zac Efron is great as Teddy Sanders, the perfectly sculpted, beer drinking, wild president of the frat with more brawn & bravado than brains.

Kelly and Mac (Byrne and Rogen) try to blend in with the noisy frat house and be the cool neighbors but soon find themselves at war over the non-stop parties and noise.

The film has trouble finding its tone. The best moments are the DeNiro themed party and the one hilarious bit involving airbags, but when the film tries to turn a bit serious and deliver a far too traditional ending, it sours what went before.

There is only so many scatological, drug and baby in danger jokes you can take in one movie and this was way past my limit.

Why do I think more clever folks like Trey & Matt from South Park could be ten times as offensive and keep me laughing, while Neighbors just left me shrugging with indifference.

Dave Franco and Ike Barinholtz are both very funny in supporting roles. Rogen and Byrne hold their own in confusingly inconsistent roles.

These guys made "This Is The End" and I loved it. I also really enjoyed their controversial film "The Interview" but this, meh. I'm ready to move too and give these Neighbors a C.

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