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My Week with Marilyn

What a great little film. Michelle Williams is excellent as Marilyn Monroe, arriving in England to film a movie with Laurence Olivier. It's the ultimate movie star vs. the ultimate actor and with its real life roots, it's a fascinating story. Kenneth Branagh is really great as Olivier, who finds Marilyn maddening to work with but amazing on film, Judi Dench and Julia Ormond are also very good, but the real discovery here is Eddie Redmayne as Colin, the young man working on his first film who loves Marilyn from afar at first before being pulled into her inner circle. It's a difficult place to be and a really interesting place to soak up as a viewer. Williams is the best I've ever seen her and goes way beyond an impersonation. It's painful, funny, sweet and really well written. I was wishing my Week with Marilyn would have lasted longer. Like Colin, I didn't want it to end. A

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