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Mindhunter (Season 2)

Season 1 of Mindhunter was a deep, dark dive into the creation of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. As Season Two opens, MINDHUNTER explores our central characters in disarray.

Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff of "Hamilton") is battered and psychologically damaged from his far too close encounter with mass murderer Ed Kemper.

Bill Tench (the terrific Holt McCallany, digging much deeper into his character's darkest sides this season) struggles to balance his work load and increasingly troubling home life.

The unit has a new leader in Assistant Director Gunn, who embraces and encourages their work. Michael Cerveris (Fringe, "Fun Home" on Broadway) is the supportive Boss with political motivations of his own that seem to collide with Dr Carr (Anna Torv) and her methods.

The team gets the chance to interview Son of Sam, but the majority of their attention deservedly shifts to the mounting child murders of Atlanta.

As children continue to be murdered at a startling pace, the underling racism of the city comes to light, facing each team member to examine their own views.

Director David Fincher pulls you very deep into the despair of grieving families and their frustration at the system. He also manages to drop in the ultimate interview for his team when they meet Charles Manson, again played by Damon Herriman, who played Manson in "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" for Tarantino.

Watching Holden and team adapt their methods and push through many walls to try and catch the child killer is dramatic and exciting.

It's another excellent nine episodes of a series that I really hope gets the opportunity to explore another season. Torv, McCallany and Groff have created three people you want to see again.

Binge-worthy and suspenseful, MINDHUNTER SEASON TWO gets an A.

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