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Midnight Run

One of the funniest action thrillers of the 80's, MIDNIGHT RUN is a near perfect blend of action, comedy and suspense.

Robert DeNiro is excellent as former cop and current bounty hunter Jack Walsh. When bail bondsman Eddie (the hilarious Joe Pantoliano doing his same high volume, Pepto Bismol boss act he nailed in "Bad Boys") offers him a new case, Walsh has no idea what he's in for.

His mark is accountant Jonathan Mardukis, whose absconded with $15million from Mob Boss Jimmy Serrano.

Serrano is played by Dennis Farina (Heat, Get Shorty) and Mardukis is embodied by Charles Grodin in maybe his best film role. Every bit as funny and sarcastic as he was in "Heaven Can Wait", Grodin is fall over funny.

This was De Niro's first attempt at comedy and he's flawless playing angry straight man to Grodin's babbling non-stop one-liners.

With only five days to get from NYC to LA, the duo shoot, punch and run their way through plenty of planes, trains and automobiles against the clock.

The screenplay by George Gallo (Wise Guys, Bad Boys) is fantastic and its well directed by Martin Brest, who showed the same adept hand at blending comedy & action in 'Beverly Hills Cop" four years before.

Grodin and De Niro's shakedown of a small town bar about counterfeit bills is a classic, as is nearly every scene with Yaphet Kotto (Live and Let Die) as FBI Agent Mosley.

Some Fave Dialogue:

Jimmy Serrano: You and that other dummy better start getting more personally involved in your work, or I'm gonna stab you through the heart with a f*ck*n' pencil. Do you understand me?

Tony Darvo: You got it, Jimmy.

Joey: Hey, Tony... he ain't mad at me, is he?


Jonathan Mardukas: [impersonating an FBI agent] Would you describe exactly what the last man who passed a $20 bill to you looked like?

Bar Cashier: Thirty, tall...

Jonathan Mardukas: About 6 feet?

Bar Cashier: [shakes head] Six-five.

Jonathan Mardukas: Dark hair?

Bar Cashier: Light colored.

Jonathan Mardukas: [looks at Jack] Sounds like our man.


If you're looking for adult laughs and action, jump on board the MIDNIGHT RUN. It gets an A.

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